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Why Some Personalized Mailings Just Work Better

When it comes to increasing response and conversion rates, personalized communications are a powerful tool. However, don’t think that all personalization is equal. It isn’t. To get great results, you must use the right variables with the right audience in the right way. Response rates for personalized mailings can vary widely. One study found response [...]

Why Some Personalized Mailings Just Work Better2018-11-20T09:01:30+00:00

Informed Delivery: A Gift to Marketers

Do you take advantage of the United States Postal Service’s Informed Delivery service? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s a gift to marketers if you understand how to use it. Informed Delivery is a free service offered by the USPS. Consumers sign up, and every morning they receive an email with black-and-white images [...]

Informed Delivery: A Gift to Marketers2018-11-20T08:59:30+00:00

Securing Your Customers’ Loyalty

Your customers are a hot commodity. Everybody wants them. So how do you keep them loyal to you? Make your relationship so great that they don’t want to go anywhere else. Market in the age of “me.” Know your customers well enough to give them a personalized experience. This goes beyond targeting with basic demographics [...]

Securing Your Customers’ Loyalty2018-09-11T11:30:19+00:00

Every Door Direct Mail: Your Secret Weapon

If you run a local business or a larger regional or national organization that relies on sales and support from local neighborhoods, the United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) just might be just what you need to take your marketing to the next level. If you haven’t tried EDDM, you could be [...]

Every Door Direct Mail: Your Secret Weapon2018-09-11T11:28:50+00:00

5-Point Checklist for Top-Notch Folds

First impressions matter. When a recipient reaches into his or her mailbox or picks up a piece of marketing collateral, what impression are they getting from your company? The quality of the folds you use is one of those details that matters more than you might think.  Here is a five-point checklist to make sure [...]

5-Point Checklist for Top-Notch Folds2018-06-05T07:27:27+00:00

How Do You Know Your Efforts Are Working?

Creating a personalized print or multichannel marketing campaign takes significant investment in time, energy, and resources. You want to get maximum return on your investment. How do you know what is working and what isn’t? You have to measure the results. Measuring results goes beyond determining ROI. Sure, it’s important to know what kind of [...]

How Do You Know Your Efforts Are Working?2018-06-05T07:25:08+00:00

Online Fly Fishing Magazine Launches in Print

With so much content going digital these days, it’s newsworthy when an online publication launches in hard copy. That’s why we’re excited about “Tail Fly Fishing Magazine” doing just that. “Tail” caters to saltwater fly fishermen and has a readership of 34,000. This fall, it decided to launch a print edition of its successful [...]

Online Fly Fishing Magazine Launches in Print2018-01-29T17:41:29+00:00

How Loyal Are Your Customers Really?

Did you know that even the most satisfied customers can switch to the competition?   In a customer satisfaction study of 10 major industries, an average of 72% of the respondents indicated that they were highly satisfied with the products or services received. Yet 88% said that they were willing to switch providers for any [...]

How Loyal Are Your Customers Really?2018-01-29T17:41:31+00:00

3 Reasons to Use Direct Mail That You May Not Know

There are lots of reasons to use direct mail, and you may have heard many of them. So here are three statistics on the value of direct mail marketing that you may not have heard.   1. Direct mail has higher value in persuasion. According to a recent study by Canada Post and True Impact [...]

3 Reasons to Use Direct Mail That You May Not Know2018-01-29T17:49:34+00:00

Are You Marketing Through Content?

Have you noticed that your competitors are sending out more newsletters these days? Posting more white papers? Increasing their investment in blogs and social media? It’s the rise in the power and influence of content marketing.   According to the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B marketers use content marketing, and according to Curata, 75% [...]

Are You Marketing Through Content?2018-01-29T17:41:35+00:00