Digital & Offset Printing

DynaGraphics is committed to providing high quality printing. Our expert teams of print professionals have extensive experience in the printing industry. That expertise combined with the latest in print technology allows us to never compromise on quality. It is how we have stayed in the print business for over 50 years.
We also offer solutions for short-run convenience with quality and variable data printing. DynaGraphics utilizes the HP Indigo digital press. This press gives you the highest quality, most vibrant colors on the most versatile substrates to meet all your digital printing needs. Producing personalized marketing communications fast and on demand enables your business to improve response rates, reduce inventories and get you to the market quickly and cost-effectively with printed materials targeted to consumer interests. 

We also provide various coating techniques to enhance your projects and meet your needs.

Varnish is essentially ink without pigment. It requires its own printing unit on press. It can be wet-trapped (printed in-line at the same time other inks are laid down), or dry-trapped (run as an additional pass through the press after the initial ink coating has dried). The latter often provides a glossier finish. Varnish comes in gloss, dull, and satin (in-between dull and gloss), and can be tinted by adding pigment to the varnish.
From an artistic standpoint, you can play a dull-varnished portion of the sheet against a portion without varnish or with a gloss varnish. This contrast can give emphasis to certain areas and/or give the impression of depth.
Aqueous Coating is more environmentally friendly than UV coating because it is water based. It has better hold-out than varnish (it does not seep into the press sheet) and does not crack or scuff easily. Aqueous is, however, more costly than varnish. Since it is applied by an aqueous coating tower at the delivery end of the press, one can only lay down a flood aqueous coating, not a localized “spot” aqueous coating. Aqueous comes in gloss, dull, and satin. 

Other digital and creative marketing solutions we can assist you with include:

  • On-Demand Printing
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Direct Smile Images
  • QR Codes
  • Cross-Media Campaigns
  • Email Blasts