What Fonts Should I Use?

FONTS & TYPOGRAPHY If you have ever attempted to create the perfect project, we're certain that a larger selection of fonts would have been useful. Whatever fonts you use, be sure to include them with your artwork. If you supply native documents, even if you package the project, make sure all the fonts are included. [...]

What Fonts Should I Use?2022-10-21T14:40:17-07:00

How Do I Compress Files?

FILE COMPRESSION When downloading items or sending artwork to us, you'll need a utility to compress and decompress your files. Compressing and archiving files together can make them substantially smaller in size, resulting in saved disk space, quicker transmission times and easier file management. If you're looking for a specific file compression utility, chances are [...]

How Do I Compress Files?2022-10-21T14:11:38-07:00

Tips on how to save your design files 🆕

Artwork should be built to the finished trim size. If the finished piece is a shape other than a simple rectangle (round corners, diecut, folded and glued, etc.) the artwork should include a spot color 'dieline' showing the cuts, slits and/or folds. The page should be the size of the flat dieline. The dieline must [...]

Tips on how to save your design files 🆕2022-10-25T12:34:32-07:00

At what resolution should I save my photos and graphics? 🆕

Resolution is not a straightforward topic. Image Resolution is quantified by Pixels Per Inch (or PPI). It is - literally - how many pixels (individual squares of a particular color) fit into an inch. As it is a direct correlation of pixels to inch, that number changes depending on what is done with the image [...]

At what resolution should I save my photos and graphics? 🆕2022-10-25T12:34:58-07:00

What is the Pantone Matching System? 🆕

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color reproduction standard in which colors all across the spectrum are each identified by a unique name and/or number. The 3 or 4 number code, and indeed the entire name of the spot color is important. There are a few exceptions, but the PMS naming convention for printing [...]

What is the Pantone Matching System? 🆕2022-10-25T12:36:14-07:00
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