5 Ways to Trim the Print Budget without Compromising Results

Want to get better results with a smaller investment? Try these simple tricks.   1. Plan smart. Simple mistakes often can be avoided with a little planning. Take time to communicate with us about your budget and deadlines, but also the more interpretive elements of the project so we can discuss any challenges we foresee. [...]

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1:1 Marketing Is Relationship Marketing!

What makes 1:1 printing work? What turns an average marketing campaign into an outstanding success? Is it the graphic design? Is it the mailing list? Is it selecting just the right variables like income, age, or gender? Those things are important, but there is one ingredient that trumps them all. Relationship.   At its core, [...]

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Targeting High-Value Millennials

Why target Millennials in your prospecting? Because once their loyalty is secured, they are more likely than non-Millennials to share their love of your brand, product, or service with others. Furthermore, once you gain their loyalty, they will often spread the word for you, especially if you help them do it. How do you go [...]

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Want More Effective Direct Mail? Make It Lumpy

The goal of direct mail is to attract attention. To that end, there has been a growing trend toward dimensional mail, or mail that is bigger and fatter than traditional mail. Dimensional mail gets attention—and results.   Dimensional mail that contains some kind of gift or incentive is also known by the more descriptive term [...]

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3 Steps to Making A Colorful Impact

Did you know that, according to CCI Inc., consumers make a subconscious judgment about people, their environment, or products within 90 seconds of viewing and that between 62% and 90% of their decision-making is based on color alone? A University of Loyola, Maryland study found that color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.   [...]

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5 Direct Mail Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Looking for creative ways to dress up your direct mail efforts? Here are five ideas with proven effectiveness that you might not have thought about.   1. Make it look official. Try making your mailer look like “official” mail. Use triangles around the outside edges or use red, white, and blue parallelograms to mimic Air [...]

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Adding Email Addresses = Better Results!

Did you know that you can greatly increase the results you get from your print marketing by adding email addresses to your marketing database? It’s true.   Clients who are willing to provide their email addresses tend to be more engaged with your company, more brand loyal, and more open to multiple marketing touches. When [...]

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Maximizing Your Return on Dimensional Mail

If your mailing is fat, over-sized, or three-dimensional, it stands out. People want to pick it up and see what’s inside. Results of dimensional mailings can be spectacular. However, they also cost more to produce, assemble, and mail. Dimensional mailings work, but you want to be smart about using them.   Let’s look at some [...]

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What Are CMOs’ Top Marketing Priorities?

Recently, IBM released a study titled “Redefining Markets: Insights from the C-Suite Study,” which surveyed over 700 CMOs from more than 50 countries. CMO’s number one priority, according to the study? Developing better customer experiences. Nearly two-thirds (63%) cited this as their top priority.   When the researchers looked deeper into what made for a [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Selecting Colors

Color sells. It increases brand recognition, improves comprehension, and can motivate purchase decisions between products. Color also identifies. The United Parcel Service, IBM, and Home Depot are all synonymous with specific colors. Some companies even trademark colors as brand assets. Think Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue.   A study by G.A Wright Marketing found that the [...]

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