Just because you have a limited marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t have big results. With the right strategy, you can maximize your investment, no matter how much you have to spend. Let’s look at seven ways to do that.

  1. Find and target your best audience.You might think that the more people you reach, the better your sales, but that’s not necessarily true. You’ll make more money by finding 100 people who spend $250 each than 500 people who spend $50 each.
  2. Get expert advice — upfront.Involve us in the design of your printed and digital projects from the beginning. With print, in particular, we can recommend paper, ink, trim sizes, and layouts that save you money.
  3. Be smart with your postage. Postage rates are always rising, so don’t mail less—mail smarter! Let us advise you on creating mail pieces that minimize your postage expense while maximizing your ROI.
  4. Switch from letters to postcards. Postcards can deliver key information at very low cost, with near certainty that your message will get seen. Ask us for assistance in creating low-cost postcards that meet USPS specifications for reduced postage.
  5. Establish yourself as an expert.When prospective clients need your product or service, you will have instant credibility if they have seen your name elsewhere in print. Create a newsletter or blog, write articles for magazines, newspapers and journals, or consider producing your own branded magazine.
  6. Get out there.Be visible in your local community. You might be surprised how many jobs you can win by being a featured speaker at a local event or networking at a trade show. Utilize online networking resources, such as LinkedIn.
  7. Partner with non-competing businesses.Identify companies that offer complementary goods and services, and create cooperative marketing collateral using a pool of shared dollars.

There are many cost-effective ways to maximize your marketing budget and get great results even from limited dollars. Just plan ahead and plan smart!