New DynaGraphics Ownership Announcement

With a new year, comes new beginnings. DynaGraphics is under new ownership! After decades of growth and success, the Tsuji family, Betty and Zack, are proud and excited to build upon DynaGraphics’ rich history of service, quality, and innovation known throughout Reno, Nevada.   What does DynaGraphics' next chapter hold? With nearly twenty-five years industry [...]

New DynaGraphics Ownership Announcement2022-12-27T12:47:09-08:00

Avoid This Content Marketing Mistake

According to research from, 68.7% of content marketers’ decisions come from other teams’ requests. The sales department wants to support the latest product rollout. Management intends to defend its year-end goals. Everyone has a finger in the pie. To be successful, content marketers must do more than fulfill everyone else’s wish lists. By setting [...]

Avoid This Content Marketing Mistake2022-07-26T07:14:42-07:00

Effective Direct Mail: Short & Sweet

Want to know what’s moving and shaking in the direct mail market? You can’t go wrong by looking to Who’s Mailing What!, a database of nearly 200,000 direct mail pieces scanned and analyzed by text, images, vertical market, and more. Recently, WMW! analyzed its database and found that the copy used in direct mail today [...]

Effective Direct Mail: Short & Sweet2022-06-20T09:05:08-07:00

5 Ways to Deliver Extra Value to Customers

One of the fastest ways to grab buyers’ attention is to give them something special. Whether insider deals or bundle packages, special offers help cement customer loyalty and keep them coming back. Using the example of a local coffee shop, let’s look at five ways you can use your marketing communications, whether print or digital, [...]

5 Ways to Deliver Extra Value to Customers2022-05-23T11:07:10-07:00

Don’t Let the Paper Shortage Get You Down!

As we move from the pandemic to the endemic phase of COVID-19, the U.S. economy has been surprisingly resilient. Sales have rebounded, and businesses and consumers are spending. But the supply chain hasn't recovered as quickly as demand, and shoppers often find limited supplies of everything from consumer electronics to toys. These disruptions have affected [...]

Don’t Let the Paper Shortage Get You Down!2022-03-21T08:58:14-07:00

Personalized Print: 5 Things to Watch

By personalizing your direct mail pieces, you can increase response rates and cart sizes, too. But if you're new to personalization, the design process can seem intimidating. Here is a short "to do" list of common oversights to watch for. Use the correct data, not more data. The more data you have on your customers, [...]

Personalized Print: 5 Things to Watch2022-02-24T08:38:13-08:00

Direct Mail and Social Media: Better Together

Are you planning a multichannel marketing campaign? Automatically assuming you will be pairing direct mail with email? How about pairing direct mail with social media instead? Haven’t thought about it? Maybe you should. What makes direct mail and social media so complementary? Higher levels of customer engagement, regardless of channel, lead to strong customer loyalty [...]

Direct Mail and Social Media: Better Together2023-01-20T15:51:54-08:00

5 Tips for Expanding Your Mailing Reach

Are you looking to build or expand your mailing list? If so, you have more options than just buying a targeted list or purchasing data to add to the list you already have. Here are five ways to build a great direct mail list that you might not have thought of. Look at trade shows. [...]

5 Tips for Expanding Your Mailing Reach2022-01-13T07:41:16-08:00

Print Is a Fan Favorite: But Why?

Even in a world of interactive digital media, something irresistibly draws people into the tangible world of paper and ink. But why? What makes people fall in love with print? Here are some of the answers we have come up with. If asked the same question, what would you say? Print is at the center of societal [...]

Print Is a Fan Favorite: But Why?2021-11-30T07:50:32-08:00
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