What Are CMOs’ Top Marketing Priorities?

Recently, IBM released a study titled “Redefining Markets: Insights from the C-Suite Study,” which surveyed over 700 CMOs from more than 50 countries. CMO’s number one priority, according to the study? Developing better customer experiences. Nearly two-thirds (63%) cited this as their top priority.   When the researchers looked deeper into what made for a [...]

What Are CMOs’ Top Marketing Priorities?2018-01-29T17:41:54-08:00

Tips and Tricks for Selecting Colors

Color sells. It increases brand recognition, improves comprehension, and can motivate purchase decisions between products. Color also identifies. The United Parcel Service, IBM, and Home Depot are all synonymous with specific colors. Some companies even trademark colors as brand assets. Think Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue.   A study by G.A Wright Marketing found that the [...]

Tips and Tricks for Selecting Colors2018-01-29T17:41:55-08:00
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