3 Steps to Making A Colorful Impact

Did you know that, according to CCI Inc., consumers make a subconscious judgment about people, their environment, or products within 90 seconds of viewing and that between 62% and 90% of their decision-making is based on color alone? A University of Loyola, Maryland study found that color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.   [...]

3 Steps to Making A Colorful Impact2018-01-29T17:41:48-08:00

5 Direct Mail Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Looking for creative ways to dress up your direct mail efforts? Here are five ideas with proven effectiveness that you might not have thought about.   1. Make it look official. Try making your mailer look like “official” mail. Use triangles around the outside edges or use red, white, and blue parallelograms to mimic Air [...]

5 Direct Mail Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of2018-01-29T17:41:49-08:00

Adding Email Addresses = Better Results!

Did you know that you can greatly increase the results you get from your print marketing by adding email addresses to your marketing database? It’s true.   Clients who are willing to provide their email addresses tend to be more engaged with your company, more brand loyal, and more open to multiple marketing touches. When [...]

Adding Email Addresses = Better Results!2018-01-29T17:41:51-08:00

Maximizing Your Return on Dimensional Mail

If your mailing is fat, over-sized, or three-dimensional, it stands out. People want to pick it up and see what’s inside. Results of dimensional mailings can be spectacular. However, they also cost more to produce, assemble, and mail. Dimensional mailings work, but you want to be smart about using them.   Let’s look at some [...]

Maximizing Your Return on Dimensional Mail2018-01-29T17:41:52-08:00
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