Looking for creative ways to dress up your direct mail efforts? Here are five ideas with proven effectiveness that you might not have thought about.


1. Make it look official.

Try making your mailer look like “official” mail. Use triangles around the outside edges or use red, white, and blue parallelograms to mimic Air Mail. Use a white envelope with colors similar to the FedEx purple and orange or the UPS brown and gold. At first glance, recipients will think they’ve gotten a Priority Mail or overnight package.


2. Use real hand addressing.

Many marketers try to increase response rates by using handwriting fonts. However, this technique has become so common that most consumers can spot a handwriting font a mile away. Try using a third-party hand-addressing service. Real, honest to goodness hand addressing will make your mail stand out, make recipients feel special, and get your mail opened.


3. Use a real stamp.

Just like hand addressing, using a real stamp helps to boost response rates. It tells people they aren’t getting a bulk mailing and that the marketer cared enough, and wanted the communication to be personal enough, to use a real, live stamp. That gets attention.


4. Try a translucent envelope.

Got something bright and colorful to mail? Don’t hide it! Put the printed piece into a translucent envelope so people can see what’s inside.


5. Put something in it.

Dimensional mail increases response rates. So does putting something extra into the envelope. Try a teaser like, “Free gift inside!” then add a little something for them to find. You won’t be able to use bulk postal rates, but recipient won’t be able to resist opening the envelope to see what’s inside.


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