5 Updates to Freshen Up Direct Mail

Are you looking for ways to spice up your direct mail campaigns? Even if your response rates remain high, are you looking to freshen things up? Here are a few ways you can update your direct mailings and give them new appeal.   1. Update the package. Are you using the same envelopes you have [...]

5 Updates to Freshen Up Direct Mail2018-01-29T17:41:37-08:00

5 Ways to Trim the Print Budget without Compromising Results

Want to get better results with a smaller investment? Try these simple tricks.   1. Plan smart. Simple mistakes often can be avoided with a little planning. Take time to communicate with us about your budget and deadlines, but also the more interpretive elements of the project so we can discuss any challenges we foresee. [...]

5 Ways to Trim the Print Budget without Compromising Results2018-01-29T17:41:39-08:00

1:1 Marketing Is Relationship Marketing!

What makes 1:1 printing work? What turns an average marketing campaign into an outstanding success? Is it the graphic design? Is it the mailing list? Is it selecting just the right variables like income, age, or gender? Those things are important, but there is one ingredient that trumps them all. Relationship.   At its core, [...]

1:1 Marketing Is Relationship Marketing!2018-01-29T17:41:42-08:00

Targeting High-Value Millennials

Why target Millennials in your prospecting? Because once their loyalty is secured, they are more likely than non-Millennials to share their love of your brand, product, or service with others. Furthermore, once you gain their loyalty, they will often spread the word for you, especially if you help them do it. How do you go [...]

Targeting High-Value Millennials2018-01-29T17:41:45-08:00

Want More Effective Direct Mail? Make It Lumpy

The goal of direct mail is to attract attention. To that end, there has been a growing trend toward dimensional mail, or mail that is bigger and fatter than traditional mail. Dimensional mail gets attention—and results.   Dimensional mail that contains some kind of gift or incentive is also known by the more descriptive term [...]

Want More Effective Direct Mail? Make It Lumpy2018-01-29T17:41:46-08:00
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